Talking SEX with a trans person 101


Taking into consideration that trans people receive daily mis-gendering, thoughtlessness and even abuse, show that you are knowledgeable and respectful by taking extra care with your language.


Do not ask invasive questions, centre the conversation around pleasure, not body parts.

A good place to start is, “What do you like in bed?”


Do not assume genitals, or how a trans person refers to their own. Just because someone looks a certain way doesn’t mean they are equipped one way or the other. 

It’s ok to ask how people refer to their genitals


Be honest, if you are inexperienced or uncertain SAY IT!

As long as it is with respect and empathy, (and not fetishisation), people tend to be very understanding. 


Ask about boundaries: Are there parts they don’t like being touched or things they don’t want to do?


If there is anything you don’t know, try to do your own research before asking questions 

All trans people are different. 

Have an honest and respectful conversation and all will go well!