PRIDE is the unifying concept that celebrates lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, and other marginalised identities. 

All over the world people celebrate Pride in unique and inspiring ways. 

For example, in 2021 Bangladesh celebrated its first ONLINE PRIDE.

some by having parades, other private events and finally some online only events like in Bangladesh.


Out of 197 countries in the world recognized by the United Nations, 107 have at least ONE PRIDE event.

But that means that 90 have none at all.



The first Pride (then called “gay liberation march)  was held in NYC the 28th of June 1970 to commemorate the anniversary of the Stonewall riots of 1969. 

It was not so much a celebration as a political necessity. 

Gay rights demanded activism and Pride was the vehicle that demanded change. 

“We have to come out into the open and stop being ashamed, or else people will go on treating us as freaks. This march... is an affirmation and declaration of our new pride.”

Lacey Fosburgh, “Thousands of Homosexuals Hold A Protest Rally in Central Park,” New York Times, 29 June 1970,


Remember that the fight is far from over.

71 countries criminalise forms of consensual same-sex relations between adults and the murder of trans people around the world is staggeringly disproportionate compared to any other social group. 

But even in countries that have pride marches, government pinkwashing distracts from real issues like access to HRT for trans people and widespread social stigma. 



Well, you can start by going to PRIDE. 

Whilst in places like London and New York it has evolved into a corporate marketing tool for brands it is still important to be visible and loud. 

As we’ve seen with the Roe vs Wade U-turn in America, we shouldn’t take anything for granted when it comes to Democracy.

There are also a wealth of underground events that need your support. 

From Trans Pride and UK Black Pride in London to supporting international prides in countries where queer oppression is rife.

London Trans Pride 2022 had more than 20.000 people coming, however there was almost no media coverage.

Get online, start following LGBTQ+ international Pride charities and start supporting!