1-800-MAKE-ME-HOWL presents DJ Antimanifesto

 DJ ANTIMANIFESTO (@chemsexlesbian) is a writer/dj working at the intersection of noise and cut-ups, zie is a member of sonics collective Gutterring (@gutterring) and a visual artist. Hir music attempts to envision an anti-genre antitechno extricated from any sort of sense. mixes @ www.soundcloud.com/antimanifesto




Magnetospheric - Morphology
Disabled - A1
Line of Sight - Assembler Code
EXP2 - Nikki Nair
Shadow Network - Jensen Interceptor
The Power Hour (Woody McBride's Trailer Park Remix) - DJ ESP
Sutton Hoo Artefacts - Mayeul & JKS
Sweet Dreams (Hardstyle Remix) - Darren Omnet
Gravitational Rave - Weyner Vanke
Electro Raw - Locked Club
I Control Your Body - Jackal & Hyde
Realness - Manni Dee
Express Yourself - JKS
Mind Crush - Lemane
When I Rock (Johannes Heil Remix) - Thomas Schumacher
My Drums Hard - Matraxx
Sexyback - Yung Acid
Mind Body Soul - partiboi69
All The Things She Said (DJ Fingerblast Remix) - T.A.T.U
O Fortuna (Apocalypse Chorus Mix) - Apotheosis
I Do Coke (Nasty Edition) - DJ MC Boing Revival Band