1-800-MAKE-ME-HOWL With Massimo Paramour



TROUGH has amalgamated jocks, bears, hunks, queers, beards, twinks and in-betweeners into one pretty mess on the dance-floor. As diverse as the crowd so is the music, with djs slamming Berlin-esque, deep house, sexy beats to a dark room of a sweaty pit. TROUGH firmly puts the ART back into p-ART-y!

Massimo Paramour is a musician in every sense of the word. His career as a producer started in 1994 at the prestigious record label Media Records, where he wrote and arranged several hits for Cappella, 49ers and others. He took over the more underground Heartbeat records in 1996 teaming up with international producers like Ralphi Rosario, Ashley Beedle, Gemini, A Man Called Adam and working with artists like De'lacy, Debbie Pender, Michele Blade and Angie Brown to name a few.
His career as a professional DJ started much later in 2008, when he became resident for the rising Megawoof. His distinctive style is a mixture of Indie-Dance, 80s Synth Wave, Dark Disco, Techno and Electronica.