1-800-MAKE-ME-HOWL presents Twang

TWANG is a London based DJ and a predominant figure in East London’s underground queer scene, playing for the likes of KAOS, BLANC, HOMODROP, DISCOSODOMA, TRANSISTERS, SABOJAQ, PAPALOKO, DIRTY DIANA and LEGION as well as the seminal underground raves HTBX and COVEN.


TWANG's eclecticism has developed into a distinct artistic voice in the booth where he has crafted a sound in the more obscure shadows of Techno. His sound is high energy, hypnotic, trance, industrial and EBM, cultivating a mysterious mood across those sounds.

He is spending more time in developing his own sound and creative projects in other contexts, and has collaborated with artist Monika Bancyr De Angeli, on a soundtrack as part of an installation for the London Fringe! festival in 2015. DJing has led to production too and a nascent career awaits TWANG in that field as he continues to evolve as an artist and a DJ.